Luxury jewelry might be costing you a lot of money, so giving proper care for your fortune is indeed necessary. Maintaining your jewelry cleaned can be challenging, however, with help of jewelry steam cleaners, clean your jewelry would never be easier. This article summarized the most wanted information for jewel steam cleaning machine, including instruction, working philosophy, products reviews and brief description, so as to help you choose your best jewelry steam cleaners without much struggle in 2019.  


GemOro 0377 Dual Jewelry Cleaner

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What is a Jewelry Steam Cleaner?

A steam jewelry cleaner is mainly intended for household use. It works efficiently in cleaning your necklace, earring or ring. The benefits provided to users are the convenience, power and cost effectiveness in jewelry cleaning. In term of jewelry cleaning, it is increasingly becoming one of the most welcomed jewelry cleaners for many householders. 

Jewelry steam cleaner is the type of powerful cleaning machine. This tool can restore jewelry’ sparkle by steaming away from the dirt and grime in a few minutes. These steamers usually come with a water reservoir and convenient mesh basket. While the electric power is on, the tap water in the reservoir heats up. The hot water steam could be released from the small nozzle as soon as the steam switch light is on. Users can hold the jewelry using handy tweezers to get close to the steam nozzle. Just turn around and change the angle of your jewelry until all dirt particles get powered away and final shining. As you can see, the technology used for steam cleaning is the simple conversion from tap water to hot steam, then released from the nozzle. In order to effectively clean up jewelry, these hot steam sprayed out by high pressure is unbelievably powerful, so the whole cleaning process is just a matter of a few minutes.

Many jewelry steam cleaners models on the market are especially suitable for home using in terms of their convenience, simple and safe using features. Some large jewelry stores might have to clean many pieces at the same time for efficiency. In this case, some large professional jewelry steam cleaners should be their top option.

You have plenty of options to choose from when you shop around to buy a jewel jet steam cleaning machine. The following table just listed some of the top-rated jewelry steamers by comparing their main features, reviews, and price, so as to properly lead you to choose your best one without much hassle.

Comparison Chart of Top-Rated Jewelry Steam Cleaners in 2019

Cleaner Pictures:Product Name:Features:Customer Reviews:Price($):
GemOro 0377 UltraSpa Dual Ultrasonic and Steamer Jewelry Cleaner with 1-Pint Tank Capacity and Gray Slate 50 PSI PressureThe World's Only Ultrasonic/Steamer Combination****$$$, FREE shipping
GemOro 0362 Black Diamond Black Matte Steam Cleaner, 16-Ounce50 PSI Steam Pressure; 1 Pint Tank Capacity; 2 Year Warranty*****$$$
GemOro 0375 Black Diamond Gray Slate Steam Cleaner, 16-Ounce50 PSI Steam Pressure; 1 Pint Tank Capacity; 2 Year Warranty*****$$$
best-jewel-jet-steam-cleanerJewel Jet Black/Silver Jewelry Steam Cleaner12 oz. capacity; LED under-lighting/LED indicator light; 2-year warranty
Other Customers Reviews
bestjewelrysteamerGemOro 0361 Brilliant Spa Personal White Steamer, 12-Ounce12.5 Oz Capacity; 2 Year Warranty; 6 x 10 x 10 inches; 3.5 poundsrating-js-01
Other Customers Reviews
reliable-jewelry-steamerReliable i500A Stainless-Steel 2/3-Gallon Jewelry Steam Cleaner, Made in Italy9.2 x 16 x 10.5 inches ; 15.6 pounds; 2/3-gallon tank for up to 4 hours of continuous dry steam
Other Customers Reviews

What Makes Jewel Jet Steam Cleaner Outstanding from Its Competitors?

The jewelry steamer is one of the best choices you may consider when it comes to a jewelry cleaning machine and it’s because of several reasons. First of all, it comes with the best features you can see from this kind of product.

It is equipped with a light on switch for steam. When the light comes out, it means that you can start using this machine. Likewise, Jewel Jet is specifically meant to be extremely low when it comes to maintenance. It is capable of holding around 8 ounces of water to use in jewelry cleaning.

Jewel Jet is also cheaper so most jewelry owners choose this product than its competitors. Investing your money for this kind of product is also a great idea for it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Its size is just enough making it handy and convenient to use.

Jewel Jet is a new product but most consumers preferred this one compared to other options offered to them. When you search for the reviews for a jewelry steam cleaning machine online, you will find that Jewel Jet came up with a higher average rating. It is based on the total number of persons who gave positive comments about this product. It indicates that they appreciated this product well.

If you will compare its average rating to the ratings of its competitors, you will learn that Jewel Jet stands above the rest. Its ease of use and its features such as the price and its warranty assure the consumers that it’s a product that is worth buying. This steam jewelry cleaning machine is really a good product you can always trust when it comes to jewelry cleaning.

We all love Jewelries, not just women but men also wear few things like rings, chains, bracelets, gold plated watches, ear rings. We all have some sort of jewelry pieces and wear it occasionally. Some most beautiful interacted pieces are worn sometimes and some are worn daily. We often notice that jewelry turns blackish and dull after the certain time period.  Now what to do is to get it cleaned at home with the smart jewelry steamer cleaning.

With the latest jewel jet steaming machine, our mind can feel really safe and relaxed in getting our silver and gold jewelry sparkling clean with our hands at the comfort of our place. We don’t have to worry to take them to the nearest goldsmith to get it cleaned and bother anymore of getting it changed or stolen.  The jewelry steaming machines are amazingly easy to operate and are available at very affordable price in online stores. It’s as the one-time investment and you may get lifetime benefits of such handy equipment to get the ornaments cleaned and washed with the steam process in the fast and utterly simple machine.

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Why Clean Jewelry at home

Steam cleaning is sure one of the best way to shine your jewelry at home and make it just look as new and taintless. A home steam cleaner may cost a lot initially but you will get bright looking ornaments for all occasion. The jewelry, we wear daily becomes dull because of the use of perfumes, creams, soapy water, oil, and pollution. The luster of jewelry disappears gradually and looks so bad. We often complain of the busy schedule and will hardly get time to visit the jewelry shop to get it washed and cleaned. The best option is to have a jewelry steam cleaning machine of your own for hassle free cleaning of your precious belongings.

The jewelry steam cleaning method gives the most astonishing speckles jewels in a couple of minutes. The jewelry jet steam cleaning machine works on high-pressure steam; jet powerful enough to remove the layer of oil and dirt effectively by dissolving it through steam when placed right under the spigot. The tremendous steam removes even minute dirt from every nook and corners of intricate pieces making it just as new and polished just bought from the shop.

Precautions for Steam Cleaning Jewelry

The steam cleaning process is the very traditional method that has been transformed by modern technique in easy to use portable steam cleaning jewelry equipment. Users should be bit careful while taking the ornaments cleaned by this process. Firstly, check all the fittings of the jewelry carefully whether they are intact and no cracks opened, also check that stones are well fitted in brackets and its edges are not broken or bend.

Secondly, using home cleaning steam jewelry machine is simple and quick but for the particular type of pieces, it’s not suitable all the time. Certain things as porous gemstones, amber, coral, pearls, emeralds, opal, turquoise, and jade are better not to be treated with high pressure steaming clean machines.

Thirdly, there is some jewelry that is designed with the closed-back pattern, frequently cleaning them with the steam process may result in moisture getting trapped and may damage the quality of jewelry after some time.

Pre soaking is Best Way to Get Rid of Dirt Easily

It’s advised that you may pre-soak jewelry as it helps in softening of dirt and you don’t have to keep it for the longer time under super strong steam jet even if the jewels are badly dirty and tarnished. You can get best pre soaking material easily that are mild on jewelry but removes and loosen and removes dirt gently.

Never hold jewelry with your fingers directly

The steam jet is very strong and hot, it may burn your fingers, therefore hold the ornaments with the cleaning accessories provided to have safe and careful cleaning. Always read the manual carefully before operating and follow instructions as stated.

Clean near a sinkjewelry-steam-cleaning

You may take the extra precaution of not letting your ornaments drained by plugging the sink bowl when you use the steam cleaning equipment as it works on an enormous high-pressure jet steam system. Always work in patience and never hurry when you are doing the cleaning of your precious ornaments.

Steam jewelry cleaner is the most innovative, safe and portable cleaner to have at home. Perhaps it is one of the must-have machines just like we have vacuum cleaners, grinders, food processors to make our work easy and perfect. The decision to have a smart equipment to clean our most cherished jewelry is unquestionable. You may use it to clean chains, coins, studs, anklets, amulets whether gold or silver.

Different Usage of Steam Jet Machine

This amazing steam jewelry washing and cleaning machine is multi-utility usage as it may be used for expensive eyeglasses, watches, and ornate utensils with the simple method of steam cleaning in the whisk of time.  The multipurpose use makes it more adoring smart machine to keep your precious inherited things so clean and beautiful. Now everyone will appreciate your diligence of using such things.

Now always look beautiful with untarnished, elegant and ultra shining ear drops, bangles, rings, bracelets, pendants etc. Forget that you ever had any bad looking pieces that diminished the value of your gold and silver ornaments.  The generation old silver and gold plate’s utensils may easily be cleaned without rubbing it for hours with strong cleaners and damaging quality of precious metal.

Easy and safe cleaning of Jewelry at home

To sum up, Jewelry cleaner steamer is the safest and user-friendly jewelry cleaning machine that works with simple tap water with no use of special cleaning agents or detergents. The environmental friendly technology is superb to use and is most sought these days. Top rated jewelry cleaner, is now available in different sizes and pattern, just have one of the best models to meet your requirement and see how magically it works in cleaning the jewelry pieces whenever you want. This will help you in saving money and time. A steam jet cleaner is highly reliable product for shining jewelry at home with the least charges and efforts and to get best results in the blink of time.

Best Steam Jewelry Cleaners Considered to Buy:

ultraspa dual jewelry cleanerGemOro 0377 UltraSpa Dual Ultrasonic and Steamer Jewelry Cleaner

This machine offers quality cleaning system without the help of a professional jeweler. Its cleaning system utilizes both steam power and ultrasonic wave. Gemoro jewelry cleaner is specially designed for the jewelry store and home use. Likewise, the ingenious UltraSpa works best in providing ultimate cleaning results for silver, gold, platinum jewelry and diamonds. It also involves high-pressure steam cleaning along with the powerful ultrasonic cleaning. Read best jewelry steam cleaner reviews…

ultrasonic steamer cleanerGemOro UltraSpa Combination Ultrasonic & Steamer

This appliance is well-designed to provide professional performance. It is equipped with robust steam and ultrasonic system that ensures cleaning the jewelry and other items thoroughly. It gives amazing results in cleaning different pieces of jewelry including gold, silver, platinum and other items such as watch and eyeglasses. Likewise, this appliance is also ideal sterling silver jewelry cleaner.  Read this ultraspa steam cleaner review…

whitesteamerjewelryGemOro 0361 Brilliant Spa Personal White Steamer, 12-Ounce

Gemoro jewelry cleaner comes in compact size and really ideal for home using. This jewelry clean machine is powerful enough to blow away any dirty particles attached to the surface of jewelry. This jewelry steamer is rated high on Amazon, and most of the customers have the positive experience from using this cleaner. If you are interested, please discover more reviews by clicking the following link.

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