Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Polishing Cleaner-Famili FM8000WW

This brilliant ultrasonic jewelry cleaner easily catch your eyes from its streamline design and clean milk white color. The way of its dedicated cleaning is by 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves, being generated in tank water, very powerful yet gentle to both protect your luxurious pieces and clean away any dirty and grime efficiently.  Apart from valuable jewelries, this powerful ultra sonic cleaner can also help clean other small gadgets, e.g eyeglasses, watches, CD and DVDs. There are 5 pre set cleaning cycles with different time duration, so if your items are not cleaned up with one circle, you can repeat or extend time circle for better clean performance.

best famili ultrasonic cleaner

This is very convenient jewelry and other pieces cleaning machine at home as it is easy to operate and read instruction from digital display. If you would like to produce professional ultra sonic cleaning performance with affordable way, this Famili ultra sonic cleaner should be the one of your must see lists.

This great machine being sold by Famili in its Amazon store has managed to earn 4.5 star rating out of 5 since listed online. According to previous customers, there are quite many questions asked during its list running, which also proved how popular this attractive sonic cleaner is. I summarized some here to help supplement this buying guide.

There are customers who have some jewelries with small stones inset, and yeah, this Fmili cleaner can still help clean up such categories of jewelries without any damage to small pieces.

Is its tank removable? For this asking, no, its water tank is fixed and not designed to get any removed, however, there is the other plastic basket that can be removed whenever you want.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is designed with standard US plug and use with 220v voltage. Most of US users would be no problem using this machine.

If you have your own question and something uncertain before purchasing this machine, just drop straight to this cleaner’s selling page on Amazon and contact Famili sellers.


Users might also be impressed with its quiet operation during cleaning process, without any vibrate or noise making. It is truly a cleaning machine using ultrasonic sound wave. Additionally, most of jewelries or other small gadgets can even be cleaned up without any solution but just pure tap water. You would be amazed by how clean your items can present after circles, however, some dirty and grime gadgets can certainly gain better result with the help of certain cleaning solution, like alcohol, some specific liquid solution etc. This depends on your own cleaning requirement.

If you are still not sure of this machine, the seller Famili has promised one year warranty if any defect of materials and workmanship. You can contact seller for further confirmation. To get ultimate specification on this machine, you can have:

  • Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Volume Capacity: 600ml / 0.6l;
  • Wattage: 35 Watts;
  • Color: White, Silver;
  • Item Weight: 2.9 Pounds;

and the delivered package includes: 1 ultrasonic cleaner machine, 1 plastic basket, 1 watch holder, 1 spindle with spacer ring and 1 piece of instruction manual book.

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