If you happen to own a gun or a pistol at your home, your primary purpose of getting personal and property security to is fulfilled. Now the question is how to maintain your gun parts such as cartridge cases, metal equipments and other integrated objects. You know that the traditional hand cleansing methods have helped only to certain extent. You are unable to take out the carbon deposits, clean the interior surfaces of cartridge cases and cleanse the tiny debris which tends to accumulate in the interior parts of your armory. Following ultrasonic cleaning system developed, using ultrasonic cleaners has been increasingly accepted as one effective solution for maintenance and cleaning of gun or rifle parts. In this gun parts cleaner review, we are showcasing some of the most advanced and best rated ultrasonic gun cleaner models.


RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner for Metal Gun Rifle Case Cleaning

The following 4 Ultrasonic Gun Parts Cleaner have been selling well on Amazon.com and also received high rating from previous customers. I wrote some brief reviews for each of them, plus short description of good features and functions. If you have guns, rifles or any other firearms, using these ultrasonic cleaners can easily and efficiently clean any metal parts and maintain its working order for as long as possible.

Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II for Gun Parts (110 Volt)

Cleansing the gun parts has never been as easy as with the Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner. The most critical functionality of the cleaning unit is its micro-jet action. The high pressure liquid coming out of the cleaner utility can take out even the most deep rooted carbon residues within a few minutes. Once you start using the utility, you will be introduced to many of its wonderful features.

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Design and Functional Features

  • Ability to deep cleanse miniature gun parts with precision. This is where you had been facing problems while you did it manually. Your eternal struggle with cleaning brushes, pins and hot air guns has finally ended with a happy note.
  • Capacity to hold and cleanse 100s of cases of multiple sizes. Most of the home and industrial security guns and pistols have .223 cases or .308 cases nowadays. The stainless steel tank can hold a maximum 300 cases of 0.223 size and 150 of .308 size at a time.
  • The utility is highly compact in size (8.2″ x 10.8″ x 8.5″) and is easily portable (8-ounces). Security personnel working in remote areas will be able to make use of this utility with an 80-watt ceramic-heater.
  • The utility is fitted with a multiple value timer device. Its value ranges from 5 to 30 minutes, enabling you to dynamically customize all your cleaning needs on the go.

Aesthetic Features

The sleek dimension and moderate weight along with fine external finishing makes the device look highly professional and attractive. You may even proudly display this among your designer articles collection.


You are unable to attach additional inner-tanks, which could limit the ability of the utility to cleanse large size equipments.

Hornady Lock N Load Hot Tub for Sonic Cleaners

The first update to the model sonic cleaner-II comes from the same company Hornady. According to the manufacturers, the Hornady Lock N Load Hot Tub for Sonic Cleaners has many extended features which prove to be highly beneficial to the end users. If you are a Hornady fan and wish to add a technologically advanced product to your ultrasonic cleaner list, this could be the most suited one. Let us take a look at some of the prominent features of this utility now.

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Design and Functional Features

  • The internal dimensions of the hot tub measure 25.5” X 7” X 4”. Lengthwise it measures more than thrice its predecessor in the first review. That means the storing and cleaning capacity also go up accordingly.
  • It is equipped with highly efficient draining pans which allow rapid drying of the cleaned parts naturally. The probability of retaining wetness and getting rusted is reduced to near zero level now.
  • It can easily house an AR-Upper of size 16”. That means you are able to effortlessly clean larger capacity and sized guns.
  • The utility offers 5 unique values of temperature setting. This feature is said to be highly useful for deep cleaning the interior surfaces of larger objects. In many cases, you might have found it difficult to root out the carbon and miniature particle deposits. This situation could be especially observed with screws, nuts and other delicate parts and primer-pockets.
  • Maximum temperature can be increased up to 1400F, which is achieved with the help of 4 transducers.
  • Option for buying additional internal-tanks and increase the cleaning capacity by multiples.

Aesthetic Features

Moderately sized utility is highly portable in nature and looks sleek in appearance.


The user interface could be improvised with multi color LED-Display.

Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Case Cleaner for Handgun and Pistol Frame

Timing is one of the most critical factors when it comes to the maintenance of safety arms, especially those used for personal and property security. If you have a sizeable number of security personnel guarding your farmhouse, industrial establishment or other large sized property, it is natural that they will be using a great number of guns, pistols and other armory. The Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Case Cleaner is also known to be widely used by home owners for maintaining small to medium sized firearm stocks. It has many additional features which can be listed under

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Design and Functional Features

  • With its tank size of 12.8″ Length x 8″ Width x 3.9″ height it can hold up to 6.3 quarts of cleaning liquid. It can therefore take up to 1300 cases of 9mm size at a time.
  • Like the previous models we saw, even this model has a built-in draining system, for filtering out the liquid after the cleaning process is complete.
  • One of the unique features of this utility is that it is powered by twin transducers of industrial standards.
  • It can be used for the purpose of cleaning even handguns and pistols of multiple sizes and frames.

Aesthetic Features

The external appearance makes it look more like a sleek toaster than arms and ammunitions hardware cleaner. The LED display mode makes the user interface highly easy to understand and operate by novice users as well.


It cannot be used for cleaning of large sized gun parts.

Lyman Products Turbo Sonic Power Professional Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

According to the manufacturers, this model represents the biggest sized ultrasonic-cleaning machines in the market today. The Turbo Sonic-Power-Pro is also said to be the most powerful device with ultra modern transducers attached to it. It is amazingly powered by 10 such industrial grade transducers, making it at least 5 times stronger than its nearest competitors. Some of the most prominent features of this product are

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Design and Functional Features

  • The utility is ideally made for professional Gun-smiths, arms and ammunitions manufacturers and large scale weapon users.
  • The utility is used not only for the purpose of cleaning, but is also widely useful in lubricating the various parts of guns and ammunition cases.
  • The highly pressurized internal cleaning mechanism ensures that toughest of greases, carbon deposits and other macro and micro sized particles and debris are removed to the core.
  • A meshed internal stand like structure allows you to clean multiple batches of cases and arms in quick succession. The utility can be set for a quick 15 minute cleaning cycles when you are doing it on large scale of cleaning and lubricating operations.
  • Most of the currently available hand gun models in the market can be easily cleaned by this device. Besides, you will be able to use its ultrasonic penetrating ability to remove some of the most deeply rooted grease marks from the internal and external surfaces of old and unused arms and ammunitions also.

Aesthetic Features

The product has a weight of 80 pounds and sleek dimension with large size handles. Rolling wheels at the bottom make it easily portable in nature.


The satisfied users are yet to report on any limitation which they seemingly have not experienced.