Considering its dual-cleaning process, the GemOro UltraSpa Combination Ultrasonic & Steamer is one of the innovative electric steam jewelry cleaner that comes in compact size. Despite of its size you will be amazed because it is a combination of steam cleaner and ultrasonic cleaner that is perfect for home use. It can be the best diamond cleaner that can preserve the original beauty of the jewelry. It is important to clean the jewelry properly in order to remove the dirt build up on it.

Product Description

This appliance is well-designed to provide professional performance. It is equipped with robust steam and ultrasonic system that ensures cleaning the jewelry and other items thoroughly. It gives amazing results in cleaning different pieces of jewelry including gold, silver, platinum and other items such as watch and eyeglasses. Likewise, this jewelry steam cleaning machine is also ideal for sterling silver jewelry cleaning machines. Manufactured in USA that is why customers can expect that it is durable.

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Product Features

  • Powerful ultrasonic and steam cleaner
  • Built-in funnel for water refilling convenience
  • Steam control activation
  • 6-minute time cycle


  • The GemOro UltraSpa Combination Ultrasonic & Steamer provides thorough cleaning as it utilizes 42,000 scrubbing waves.
  • The timer in the control panel shuts off automatically when the cycle is completed.
  • When the steam jewellery cleaner is used, it generates 50 psi to ensure powerful steam cleaning.


Reading jewelry steam cleaner reviews for this product lets you know the mishaps associated to it. Some customers are complaining that the product is not worth the cost. However, most customers are satisfied and happy with its performance.


With the plethora of brands and models of jewellery cleaner available in the market, it is quite confusing to choose the right one. That is why it makes sense looking for jewelry steam cleaner reviews that will give you useful information that can be used in making the right decision. Buying this appliance is an investment that is why makes sure to choose product that values your money.

Try to compare at least 3 to 5 brands or models of jewelry ultrasonic cleaner so that you can determine which one gives you the best deals. Do not compromise the quality of the product by purchasing cheap jewellery cleaner. Choose jewelry cleaning machine that can bring back the shine of your jewelry and makes it look like new. There are different models of Gemoro jewelry cleaner and you can find the one that suits best your needs and preference.