This ultrasonic cleaner is a high quality digital sonic jewelry cleaner solution and ideal for both professional and residential use. It is easy to use because of its digital function that is why it is very easy to control the unit when choosing the appropriate cycle. This means that the user can expect for remarkable cleaning results.

Product Description

This brand of ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with heater, transducers and large tank that is suitable for quality cleaning results. This is the reason why it is also preferred for professional cleaning. As compared to other jewelry cleaner ultrasonic, this brand and model is the first product to have circuit protector and radiator fan. It is being used professionally in dental and medical clinics, opticians, tattoo shops, antique dealers, watchmakers and scientific laboratory. You can also clean your eyeglasses, personal belongings like combs, electronic shaver and toothbrushes in this electronic cleaner.

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Product Features

Circuit protector – This is one of the best features of Kendal Industrial Grade 160 Watts 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner. It has built-in radiator fan that facilitates cooling down of the unit. With these features you can expect that the unit will perform efficiently for longer time.

5 working cycles – The cycle is digitally programmed and you can choose the cycle suitable to the items need to be cleaned.

Large tank – The large tank makes it ideal for long dental tube and equipment. The plastic housing is much better making it drop-proof and water-proof.

Heater – It operates with reliable and safety temperature, yet the heater automatically turns off after 45 minutes of operation.


  • Heater gets hot quickly;
  • Cleans fast as compared to other electronic jewellery cleaner;
  • Good value for the price.


So far there is no major complaint about this product. In fact, many of the previous and current customers recommend this digital ultrasonic cleaner.


Thinking to buy Kendal Industrial Grade 160 Watts 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner is a smart decision. You can have better purchase with this product considering the features it offers. This machine really works for any cleaning purposes. You can read ultrasonic jewellery cleaners review so that you will know what makes this digital counterpart stand out from the others. As compared to other electronic cleaning tool, this one is a great help as it can accommodate items made from metal. However, in using the machine for cleaning you need to separate according to the materials the items are made from.