Daily wearing of watch and ring can make it smell bad and change in color. Cleaning your jewelry is necessary no matter how genuine it is because the dirt and your perspiration can affect the smell and color. If you have no idea about cleaning your watches and pieces of jewellery, the best thing to do is to let professional jeweler to handle the job. Jeweler usually use chemical to clean and neutralize the smell.

Doing it at home is also possible if you have watch and jewelry cleaning machine. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is one of the innovative products that can help in eliminating the stingy smell of your wrist watch strap and the yellowish color of your jewelry. It is perfect in cleaning silver jewelry and also diamond ring cleaner.

Product description

Optima 420 Professional Ultrasonic Watch and Jewellery Cleaner is equipped with cooling fan and stainless steel tank. It is widely used in scientific laboratory, dental clinics, medical labs and jewelry shops. This is one of the best jewelry cleaning machines that are designed for professional and home use. It is durable and has enough power to clean watch, jewelry and other items.

It is very easy to use and all you have to do is to add distilled, clean water into the tank and add ultrasonic jewellery cleaner solution. Place the jewelry in the tray and begin the cleaning cycle. This is the simplest way of cleaning your watch and jewelry in the professional way. Unlike cleaning it manually, using the jewellery cleaner ultrasonic removes all the dirt, soap scum, body oil, dead skin and other substances accumulated in your jewelry making it look new again.

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Product Features

  • High power transducer
  • Large tank capacity
  • Isolated-circuit design
  • Cooling fan
  • Solid-state circuitry
  • Digital display with built-in 5 cycle timer


Ideal for professional cleaning that is why this electronic sonic jewelry cleaner is being used not only in jewelry shops but also in dental and medical clinics as well as in scientific laboratory.

Hobbyists have been using it for cleaning mechanical parts, electronics components, golf clubs and firearms.


The only drawback that most customers are complaining about is the manual that does not contain detailed instructions on how to use or operate the cleaner.


If you are looking for watch and jewelry cleaner you can consider Optima 420 Professional Ultrasonic Watch and Jewelry Cleaner. It is well-built and durable, thus a perfect machine in cleaning your watch, jewelry and other items such as sunglasses or eyeglasses.