How to Clean your Engagement Rings at Home?

Engagement ring collects quite some grime and dirt in the fullness of time they are on the finger. Doing regular cleaning for your either engagement rings or other luxury jewelries is really necessary so as to maintain its shining life span for as long as possible. Most of people might regard jewelry cleaning as a professional and complicated job so they usually tend to take their luxury jewelries to shops for more professional treatment. Actually, a cheap and simple jewelry cleaning at home can still deliver the same stunning as those jewelries shops do. There is no need big investment on home jewelry cleaning.


There are lots of jewelry cleaning methods available on the market. No matter where you get engagement rings cleaned, either at professional jewelry shops or at home, as there is always a specific cleaning method ideal for you.

The following just summarize a few methods to get your engagement rings cleaned at home rather than go to professional jewelry shop for more expense.

Soap Suds Jewelry Cleaning

Cleaning your engagement ring with this method is so easy. You can just pour a considerable amount of hot water into a glass and add a small amount of liquid detergent. Take a toothbrush, then dip it into the water and start brushing the engagement ring. Just please ensure that the hair of the toothbrush are stabbing the small opening in the diamond to get rid of any dirty in deep. You should do this many times until you are contended with the shining results.

Of course, you have to cover the sink hole, so there’s no danger of your engagement ring falling into the hole. Rinse the ring under hot tap water so as to get rid of soap suds and then dry it using a tissue or a clean towel.

Methylated Spirits Jewelry Cleaning

Here is another effective way of cleaning your engagement rings. This method involves the use of methylated spirits.

Cleaning with this method, you put your engagement ring in a glass or small container holding methylated spirit for about fifteen seconds and then shake it a little bit in the solution for another 15 seconds. You dry your rings using a towel to see its effectiveness.

This substance will restore the brightness of the metal. It will also bring back the shine and get rid of the haze effect that is left by soap or liquid detergent, providing it with an extra sparkle it deserves.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine to Clean Engagement Rings

best ultrasonic rings cleanerUltrasonic cleaning machine is a small machine which makes it simple to safely clean your engagement ring in just a couple of minutes. The ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines have been widely used in professional jewelry stores. If you would like to purchase such a ultrasonic cleaner for home using, you are supposed to do some review research and go with a brand name on the market.

To clean your engagement ring with ultrasonic cleaner, you are suggested to fill the cleaning machine with detergent and water. A lot of cleaning machines have a metal cup which is packed with water and soap to clean the ring nowadays. You are also suggested to follow the menu guides while filling up the right amount of cleaning solution to cleaner.

Finally, you just put the engagement ring inside the cleaner and then close it for cleaning process start. When you clean engagement rings for first time using ultrasonic cleaner, you are highly suggested to check the machine if there is any quality deflection or working in proper order, otherwise, the rings cleaning might not be completed properly or even worse to result safety concern.

Some of ultrasonic cleaners are technically timed with timer inset, so the cleaning process could be automatically terminated as soon as the preset time is due. Therefore, there is no worry for so luxury diamond rings soaking in the chemical water for over washing then damage its shining life.

These are just some of the home cleaning ways for how to restore the shine and condition of your luxury engagement rings. As you can see, you don’t really need to visit jewelry shops for extra expense to get your rings cleaned. To finalize this short guide, I hope to help you clean your engagement rings with the most efficient yet cost effective way.

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