Jewelry Optical Ultrasonic Cleaner Review-Branson B-200

The Branson B-200 is a small 15-ounce ultrasonic cleaner that is especially built for jewelry and spectacles. It is a convenient machine that is great for home cleaning use. The following features are the highlights of the Branson B-200:


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  • 15-ounce stainless steel tank;
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing;
  • A versatile 5-minute timer that will shut off automatically to save power;
  • The whole unit package includes a basket, cover and a free sample of professional cleaning concentrate;
  • Gift wrapping is also available if the unit is to be delivered as a gift to someone else.

The Branson B200 ultrasonic cleaner is a compact and stylish unit. Its plug-in-anywhere operation makes it very convenient and mobile, so it is perfect for performing a cleaning job wherever and whenever needed. Its ultrasonic cleaning ability makes it handy and useful for a wide variety of applications besides the cleaning of jewelry, spectacles and optical parts.

The 15-ounce stainless steel tank is well sealed within its impact-resistant housing made of durable plastic. The unit works by using 40 KHz ultrasound waves and an appropriate ultrasonic cleaning solution to clean items. The ultrasound waves create microscopic bubbles in the solution that can work into holes and virtually hidden cavities to loosen any dirt, grime, oil and other debris off the items that are being cleaned. This cleaning action is called cavitation and it occurs around a thousand times for every second to effectively scrub or scrape any contaminants from the surfaces that come into contact with the solution. This process will not only make the items visibly clean, but thoroughly and microscopically clean.

In cleaning jewelry items, the Branson B-200 should be used with Branson’s Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate for best results. The cleaner concentrate is a biodegradable and phosphate-free alkaline cleaner, which has a unique mixture of detergent bases, nonionic surfactants and wetting agents. It safely cleans and restores original brilliance and shine of precious stones and metals with a rinse-free formula. The combination of the solution and the unit’s ultrasonic function can efficiently clean jewelry items like gold, platinum, watch bracelets, rings and gemstones.

In cleaning optical items like spectacles, lenses, eye glasses and other optical parts, the B-200 ultrasonic cleaner should be used with another of Branson’s premium cleaners—Branson’s Optical Solution. The optical solution effectively and safely removes residues, dust, oil, grime, fingerprints, polishing compounds and dirt debris.

Though the B-200 is specially made for cleaning jewelry and spectacles, you can also use it to clean other items. However, because its capacity is relatively small, you can only use it for items that are small and light. Other cleaning applications for the B-200 include clock parts, small dental instruments, coins and other hobby items, small machine parts, small electronic components, recorders, and fountain pens.

It may not be as heavy-duty as the other units, but it does its job well and is worth every cent you spend on purchasing it. Additionally, the unit is perfect for both professional and home cleaning use.

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