Choose your Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Solution Recipe

If you own an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, you might find the effective cleaning even without any chemical solution melted down into the water. However, some dirt and residues might be accumulated on the jewelries for long time, so ultrasonic cleaner could not complete the ultimate cleaning only using plain tap water. In such case, some powerful ultrasonic jewelry cleaner solution come in to give you better cleaning result.

To choose the best solution for your ultra sonic cleaning, you had better learn some characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning solvent. It is true that ultra wave sonic cleaner could not accept all cleaning fluid, as some of them might not be compatible with ultrasonic devices. As much as this characteristic concerned, the pH value of solution should be neutral, rather than too low or acid, otherwise, it would potentially damage the metal machine which the cleaning liquid applied to.

I looked through some best selling solution mostly used for ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on, then choose a few of top rated cleaning pack for review, so as to present the best solution recipe for your ultrasonic cleaning.

ultrasonic jewelry cleaner solution recipe2 Pack 8oz BLITZ Concentrated Jewelry Cleaning Solution + FREE Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. If you are disappointed for the new ultrasonic jewelry cleaner coming without proper fluid, this 2 bottles 8oz cleaning solvent are definitely your solution supply. This solvent based cleaning solution could be effectively working with all types of ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines. According to seller’s description, this Blitz solution can well clean up a wide variety of gems and jewelries, e.g gold, platinum, diamond, ruby and sapphire etc. You dont have to worry it will hurt your eyes or skins as it is totally non toxic fluid. Actually, the result difference is significant using ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with and without this BLITZ liquid in water.

best-ultrasonic-solutionHagerty 6-Ounce Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate. This concentrate solution for ultrasonic cleaning comes from the brand, Hagerty, mostly reputable for its ultimate solution for ultrasonic cleaning. This concentrate fluid comes for Hagerty ultra sonic jewelry cleaner. By working with Hagerty ultra sonic cleaning machine, this concentrate liquid produces some great cleaning effect on watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. I read from other customers review, and found the recipe for one ounce of this fluid mixed with five ounce water can deliver some amazing result. However, I think the specific recipe should be adjusted according to your personal cleaning requirement in order to achieve the best result. Some customers complain its high price and not quite effective for gold and silver cleaning, which should be regarded as disadvantages. Overall, this Hagerty concentrate solution still manage to gain 4.5 out of 5 stars, according to 66 customers reviews left on So, I don’t think it should be taken off from my review list.

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