Ultrasonic Way to Clean your Jewelry

Do you see unwanted dirt damaging the beauty of your beloved jewelry, but you don’t have the time to intricately brush them off? If this is the case, the ultrasonic cleaning jewelry might be your good choice.

Ultrasonic has a wide array of portable jewelry cleaners that all have a unique way of keeping your favorite accessories looking shiny and new. It uses sound waves that create tiny vacuum bubbles in the cleansing water. These bubbles then burst to create heat and pressure that will later be the important element in getting rid of dirt in the intricate, hard to reach places of your jewelry.

Each device has a different set of settings and ways on how they can clean jewelry. Some can even clean eyeglasses and DVDs. However, what they do have in common is a basket where you can put your jewelry during cleaning, because putting it straight in the water or cleansing solution, plus the “bouncing” motion of the device might damage it. Some devices require you to use cleansing solution, while others are okay with plain tap water.

Now, how do you use them? First, you pour water or cleanser (some devices already have this upon purchase) in the device’s basket – amount depends on its capacity and whatever is suggested on the manual. Next, place the jewelry in the basket, and punch in your desired setting. That’s it!

A popular Ultrasonic product found on Amazon is the Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaning Machinethat costs around $32. This machine dishes out up to 42,000 cycle ultrasonic energy waves, creating millions of small cleansing bubbles that remove unwanted blemishes on your accessories in a gentle, yet intense cleaning process. It only takes about three minutes for each cleaning, and it works quietly but efficiently.

Also, watch out for products like the Optima Ultrasonic Cleaner, costing around $35 to $115, depending on its size that are also efficient. However, its cheaper variants have yet to receive a good review from their users. Always brush up on some research on your desired cleaner before investing on them. You wouldn’t want them to break down on you while they clean your stuff.

ultra wave cleaner machineUltrasonic cleaners may be a breakthrough in jewelry cleaning, but not all gems can be cleaned using these devices. Delicate gems like pearls, turquoise, opals, and emeralds might shatter or get damaged. The same is the case with vintage jewelry. Meanwhile, the Connoisseurs Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner claims that it can clean delicate jewelry in a lower setting, but it’s better not to risk any permanent damage to them.

Other cleaning devices similar to Ultrasonic like the Jewel Jet use steam instead of liquid solutions. The steam, also coming from eight ounces of water in a compartment, will burst through the strainer-like jewelry container and will clean and dissolve the dirt found on them. Be careful in handling these devices for you might get burned. Also, remember that there are pieces of jewelry that will get damaged upon contact with steam.

Whatever your desired device may be, always make sure that they will do the best and most efficient job in keeping your jewelry looking great.

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