Best Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Reviews in 2019

Ultrasonic parts cleaner also applies to the cleaning principle by taking the fully usage of “vacuum bubbles” power (cavitation). While the ultrasonic wave is traveling through water, the water is just torn into apart due to the high pressure from sound amplitude. In the process, millions of “vacuum bubbles” are formed and these tiny bubbles are real cleaning power source to get rid of any dirty particle. Actually, while the cleaning power is released from the implosion of these tiny vacuumed bubbles, the millions of tiny liquid jets are created during this implosion process. The tremendous amount of energy is released to reach the purpose of effective cleaning for any small parts in the cleaning tank. There is a in built transducer which is responsible for the ultrasonic sound wave creation in the liquid.


Ultrasonic parts cleaner also take the power of chemical cleaning solution rather than plain water in order to gain the effective cleaning. Actually, the cleaning solution contains the ingredients which can make the ultrasonic cleaning more effectively. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is actually one type of ultrasonic parts cleaners. There are quite many other small parts, e.g medical equipment, eyeglasses, watches and some home used widgets, could also gain the effective cleaning using ultrasonic part cleaners. The following are a few top rated ultrasonic parts washers being listed on the I write some brief review for each of them and hope to help choose your very best ultrasonic parts cleaners without much struggle.

Kendal Industrial Grade Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

One of the greatest benefits of working with the Kendal ultrasonic cleaner is its flexibility to clean various types and grades of delicate and sensitive parts. The system’s proven efficiency could be easily ascertained based on its working cycles and reliability under varying lab conditions. You could be a dentist, a small time jeweler, physician or home user. The versatility of the device is sure to serve your multipurpose utilities in the long run.

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Design and Functional Specifications

  • Kendal Industrial Grade Ultrasonic cleaner works on Degas-Function which means the cleaning element is clear of any air bubbles and gas molecules. This hastens the process and makes it ultimately efficient for precision lab based requirements.
  • It is built with multiple working cycles. Now I will be able to clean up my equipment of different dimensions in a single device.
  • It can go to a maximum temperature of 600C, which means my equipments are as good as sterilized within a fraction of a minute. I just have to use the proper combination of cleaning liquids to ensure this.
  • The unit is certified by Underwriters-Laboratory for its safety and reliability. This alone makes it qualified to be in my lab as a long running workhorse.
  • It has a tank capacity of 2500-ML which is quite sufficient to clean all the equipments of a small scale laboratory. The quick working cycles enable me to cut down on power bills to a significant extent.


This Kendal ultrasonic washer machine is quite useful when it comes to cleaning limited quantity of laboratory equipments. If you are looking for a commercial grade large scale cleaner, then you will be restricted with its 2.5 Liter capacity tank.


In our next review, we go a step further in meeting your commercial scale cleaning requirements. This product is relatively larger in its holding and cleaning capability. The tank dimension of 5.91″ x 5.44″ x 5.91″ and 200 watts of heating capacity makes it highly adaptable to multiple cleaning purposes. It can be deployed to wash highly sensitive objects like golden and silverware, jewellery etc. Some of the practically relevant features of the device include

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Design and Functional Features

  • A highly power driven ultrasonic type of cleaning system. The ISO 9001-2008 standards of cleaning device has been perfectly incorporated with 
    • A 250 watts DSA50SE-SK2-standard Ultrasonic cleaner which can work in cycles ranging from 5 to 60 minutes.
    • An optimally sized cleaning basket for safely holding the utensils while cleaning.
    • A mounted rack with a covering lid for providing additional safety.
  • Rustproof heating elements made of nickel and tungsten alloy. Practical experience has shown that this can withstand a temperature range of 1250F to 1750F. The transducer works in the range of 40KHZ, making every cleaning cycle a complete one.
  • An accurately functional automated timer system. It has a self monitoring, controlling and stopping mechanism which makes your cleaning risk free.
  • A combination of 200-Watts heating capacity and 50-Watts of Ultrasonic-power is sufficient to take out the most stubborn strains and dirt from the most delicate utensils.

Aesthetic Features

  • Professionally molded and finished to fit into any type of commercial environment.
  • Compact, yet optimally sized dimension 7″x 6.5″ x 9.84″ makes it highly portable.


The circuit design needs some improvement to prevent a probable scratch caused by water at high temperature, though such occurrences are rare in nature.

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner, SRA TruPower UC-20D, 2 Liter

If you have ever wished to bring the power of an industrial standard transducer into your compact sized ultrasonic energy based cleaner, you can safely depend on the SRA TruPower UC-20D. It has incorporated many power-packed cleaning features within its completely stainless steel design architecture. Some of the most prominent ones which can favorably influence your cleaning processes are

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Design and Functional Features

  • Safe handling your sensitive utensils. This is made possible by the scratch proof and malleable internal surfaces provided by the stainless steel material.
  • Maintaining an ambient level of temperature up to 600 Practical experience has shown that consistent exposure of the sensitive utensils, jewellery and surgical instruments at this temperature can optimally clean them. This also ensures protection from excessive heating and wearing out.
  • Maintaining a moderate power of 70-watts throughout the cleaning cycles ranging from 1 to 30 minutes. During this time, the flow of water is controlled by an isolated circuit system. The pressure levels are automatically controlled for safe handling of utensils. This ensures zero probability of any sort of damages due to water.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning dissolvent ensures to class surface finishing to your cleaned utensils.

Aesthetic Features

The cleaning device is compact and portable in nature. Top class industrial design with molded outer finishing makes the device a fine piece of designer furniture. You will obviously like to show off its elegant appearance as well.


The warranty does not include the heating-elements and soldering-tips, which could add the risks to the buyer. But given the sturdy nature and loge life of these two probabilities of damages are said to be rare.

Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Basket, 300W 6 Liter 1.58 Gallon 

Obviously this could be rated as one of the most powerful, yet gentle cleaners you can hope to come across today. The manufacturers have taken special care to customize the cleaning to match every type of item. In addition the design of the system has been done in such a way that you can easily fit it into humid and hot environment also. The tough outer surface and a hardworking internal mechanism make the device highly suitable for industrial environments. As far as efficiency and safety of the cleaning items is concerned, the following features will be sufficient to implant sufficient confidence in every buyer.

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Design and Functional Features

  • Works at a phenomenal 300-Watts cleaning power and a frequency of 35K Hz. For delivering this type of robust output it consumes about 100 to 120-Volts and input range of only 60HZ.
  • A flow-control and draining valve, which maintains the required level of cleaning liquid within the tank during pre-cleaning, cleaning and post-cleaning-periods. It is fitted with a 6 Liters tank, the maximum possible capacity given its compact size.
  • A customized timing feature which depends on the nature of work-load. This feature helps in maintaining the highest levels of efficiency to suit all types of industrial and commercial equipment and part cleaning.
  • The user interface is simple, yet sophisticated. The control panel operation is easy to understand, while the clear-view window makes it possible to observe every cycle of cleaning process.
  • The dimension of the unit (17.2” length X 11.8” width X 9.8” height) makes it spacious enough to clean critical machinery parts, at the same time keeping it highly portable in nature. In fact your machine maintenance team will find it quite handy while they work with complex types of machinery.

Aesthetic Features

Relatively compact and non-bulky in nature, given the multiple functionalities it can handle.


The temperature level of heating is restricted to 600C.

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