iTLTL Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Better Result

Maintenance and care of valuable jewelries are regular work you might have to deal with. Traditionally, People use either cleaning solution or tooth brush with a little of dish washing detergent to clean up jewelries. These hand cleaning methods can best protect your valuable jewelries with dedicated brushing clean. However, the hand brushing have to take time and effort, low efficiency especially if you have large amount of jewelries items in collection. A more powerful machine, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, can get the whole cleaning process done with easy button touch.

cheap itltl ultrasonic cleaner

Although ultrasonic cleaning machine is in efficiency, some of jewelries with small stones are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. These small gem stones like pearls, opals, turquoise, emeralds etc, could be loosen or fallen down from sonic wave vibration during cleaning process. You had better use tooth brush scrubbing or other manual methods to get gems stone jewelries cleaned for better protection. 

For other types of jewelries, like diamond pieces, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can produce you most expected cleaning result within a short time circle.

Here is one of professional jewelry cleaner sold from iTLTL, taking using ultrasonic wave to deliver ultimate cleaning for various small gadgets, e.g fashion and fine jewelries, eyeglasses, watches and dentures etc.

professional itltl ultrasonic cleaner

This digital ultrasonic cleaner impresses users with its detachable SUS tank(1.2L). This is really a big water tank to hold well up most sizes of your items for clean. Moreover, the water tank is designed to be attached and detached. It gives more flexibility for clean maintenance and move over around. There are also two working power modes, strong 70W and weak 30W, to suit your different cleaning needs for more power saving. 42000 Hz ultrasonic frequency with 5 different time circles can easily produce you the most expected cleaning result. Just check the pictures inserted for better understand cleaners full features. 

This iTLTL ultrasonic cleaner is pretty new player on market in 2016. There are many innovative design ideas involved in this new machine. Although it is lack of marketing test and positive words, it is worth of having some fresh cleaning experience at very early stage, especially if you are chaser of any innovation items. This ultrasonic cleaning machine is with one year warranty promised from iTLTL. You can have more confidence on trying this new cleaner. 

Cleaning jewelries or other small gadgets by ultrasonic sound wave has been out for many years. Most users reported more beautiful cleaning gained after than a simple toothbrush scrubbing. The successful running proves ultrasonic cleaners worth your investment and time to learn its working principle. You pick out one appropriate for own cleaning needs, then save more expense for professional store cleaning afterwards. 

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