iSonic D2840 Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry Cleaning

Home used ultrasonic cleaning machine is increasingly getting its popularity due to its professional cleaning performance as well as affordable budget. To buy one appropriate ultra sonic cleaner for jewelries or other widgets home cleaning use, you have to learn better your own cleaning needs as well as cleaning machines themselves. Here is one iSonic jewelry cleaner, model D2840, a new ultrasonic cleaner in 2016, picked out to summarize its features, functions and other shining points to help you make better learning. 

cheap isonic jewelry cleaner

This new ultrasonic cleaner from iSonic family comes with 5 different time circle to adapt different cleaning requirement. The timer setting can be read from LED display to help better control cleaning process. The ultra sonic cleaner impresses users with its wider and deeper stainless steel tank to help accommodate  extra large jewelries, eyeglasses, CD and DVDs. The water tank is measured as 9.8″x5.9″x3.1″ for the capacity of 1.6 Pt/0.75L. That is enough space for most sizes of small gadgets cleaning.

This iSonic ultrasonic cleaner works with the way of ultra sonic sound wave cleaning, which generated in tank water by inset transducer. The sonic cleaner is designed for multi functional cleaning purpose. You can certainly clean valuable jewelries pieces with this ultra sonic cleaner. Some other small gadget parts, like watches, eyeglasses, sunglasses, handgun parts and other home used small widgets can gain remarkable cleaning effectiveness as well. 

isonic jewelry cleaning solutionTo buy this iSonic ultra sonic wave cleaner, you can have the delivered package, including one cleaner machine, one plastic basket, one watch stand, chrome plated trim, and also one bottle of iSonic ultrasonic cleaning solution concentrate CSGJ01 is packed in for best cleaning result.

Due to its relative fresh running on, there are a bit low reviews and rating received by now. Users already ordered this machine all gave out 100 per cent positive words to highly praise this machine for its outstanding cleaning performance.  If you are interested on this cleaner or have any unanswered questions, just drop your visit to the selling page on iSonic amazon store for this model D2840, there is more detailed information listed on. 



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